Another quick promo from The Mad Run featuring Family Customs MadMad Project ‬this is a dope promo by Rebel Geek and Skyless Productions. For more infor mation on these Badass Ralley’s check out The Run Rally Don’t forget to follow Family Customs On:

We loved attending this is event for our Injen Technologies who sponsored our “ProjectGenesis”. The best part about attending an event like this is meeting some of the Top Automotive Aftermarket Manufactures displaying some new mods for 2015. This is a must attend event for us in 2016. Here is a little more information on SpoCom: SPOCOM is the nation’s largest automotive consumer exhibit and show focusing on the culture

This Sunday! Free Tacos and Monster Energy and Bad Ass trucks all in one place! Come have fun! Family Customs will be scouting for some New ideas for our New Truck project coming in 2016?   click here for more info Don’t forget to Follow Family Customs on!

See hundreds of tricked out rides from all over the region fiercely compete for cash, trophies, and bragging rights! Stop by and say Hi! check out our two New Sema Projects “Project Genesis” and “MadMax” click here for more info Don’t forget to follow us on!      

Hot from the edit room floor! Here’s first look at recap from the The RUN ‪#‎MadRoadRally‬. Full recap in the works. Shout-out to Fredric MrFantastic Altman and Skyless Productions Check it out. MadMax @ :47 Stay tuned for the full feature video!   Don’t forget to Follow Family Customs on:

Here is a great video by our Sponsor R1 Concepts with a cool cameo from our MadMax project starting on 1:09       Don’t forget to follow Family Customs on:  

This video is pretty damn awesome! Its  every Car Collectors “Truth” and Dream. and its a very poignant video! Watch Video   Follow Family Customs on:  

  By Carr Winn Taking place November 3–6, the 2015 SEMA Show is a must-attend event for automotive trade professionals. It features a New Products Showcase with more than 2,000 of the hottest automotive accessories preparing to hit the market. The Show also brings together more than 1,000 of the finest customized vehicles crafted by the industry’s most talented builders. For now, the registration fee is only $25. As an

Check out the interview with JD Davis, EVP Sales and Amanda Cupp, Marketing Manager at CE Week 2015 where they debuted two new products there  “Moto Glow” there life saving technology for motor cycle riders and my favorite “Jump&Go” In my opinion this will be perfect for all of us car show builders! Sitting at a car show all day two things inevitably happen! Our car battery’s die from cranking

If you are in the Inland Empire there is a New audio installer to look out for his name is Aaron and he created a New company called Untouchables Mobile Solutions! We found out about Aaron from the local community he had great references and came highly recommended! We enlisted Aaron to install our CT Sounds set up, the only quality audio components we trust to install in our Sema