We would like to welcome a new sponsor to our Family Customs Team! We are excited because we already use Fresh Air Fresheners by ExpressScent in all our custom builds! We met the ExpressScent team at Sema last year and were given a few of there awesome design samples to take home. Three weeks after Sema we asked to display our Dark Sierra project in the DUB Magazine booth for the LA Auto Show and thought this will be a great time to open one of the Fresh air fresheners for the two weeks it will be on display. When we picked up Dark Sierra two weeks later it still smelled fresh and strong! The best part about using ExpressScent air fresheners “In my opinion” is they have some of the best designs that match the personality and themes on each of our custom projects, they are also made in America! The picture below is there “Skull”with their “Fresh & Clean” scent in our project MadMax



Here is a little more about them

Their History

ExpressScent is an in house brand of Aromatic Fusion, Inc. in partnership with AFAB Industrial.

Aromatic Fusion is the creator of the brand and the technology behind the brand, and partnered with AFAB Industrial for marketing/sales efforts, and funding a full scale launch of the brand into the air freshener market.

Aromatic Fusion started in 2003, and is a family owned and operated company. Aromatic Fusion was started by Sandie Albee Keeley and Eric Albee, a brother/sister duo who have been the steam behind the company engine. The company was founded on a folding table in Eric’s basement, and through creativity and innovative ideas we have been able to develop an array of products for the air freshening and home fragrance markets. Since the start of the company, Aromatic Fusion has established itself as a technology leader in the area of fragrance delivery. The company has grown from first year (2003) sales of $7,500 to being ranked the 205th fastest growing privately held company in the US at its peak in 2010. As the economy and market shifted the company rode the downturn in the market and survived with a greater focus on bringing the best possible products direct to the consumer. ExpressScent air fresheners were born. The entire ExpressScent line is based on the latest and greatest technology in scent delivery, with the best fragrances used at the highest levels. Through ExpressScent products, consumers can get the best performing and best looking air freshers on the market, at competitive prices, and the are all MADE in the USA! Yes, all ExpressScent air fresheners are made in the Philadelphia area family run production facility, bringing American innovation, manufactured by American workers, direct to the American consumer.


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The partnership with AFAB for the marketing and funding of the air freshener line has proved to be as tight knit a relationship as the family relationships that bind Aromatic Fusion. We have truly joined together forces to bring the best products that can be made to market in the ExpressScent product line, with great packaging, great merchandising programs, and great value for the money. There truly is no better, more innovative air freshener product line available today…if we didn’t believe that we wouldn’t be making them.


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