We knew we created a head turner with “MadMax” so we wanted to create a sound system that would keep their attention! Our first goal wasn’t to design a typical mainstream audio system like most shops are building these days, systems with multiple 12″, 15″, and 18″ ear blasting woofers with bling bling that focus more on the bells and whistles.  We wanted to create a sound system that would focus more on the quality of the sound and a more OEM stock look.

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So we knew we had to enlist the help of “7Doors Motorsports” we told Ian their CAD designer to use ergonomic design, while incorporating our project theme colors and too focus on the sound not the display. 7Doors Motorsports started off by submitting several CAD layouts for approval before building commences.

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Once we had the layout perfect 7Doors Motorsports started using existing OEM speaker locations switching out the stock Alpine components that come with the Chrysler 300C. It was shocking to see that Chrysler used 6X9 in the front doors, that made it much easier for 7Doors to switch out the 6X9 speaker enclosure by simply making a bracket to install the two sets of Kicker CSS67 Components speakers in the front doors.

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We installed the Kicker 600W CX300.4 Amp to push the two sets of components. We decided to use two Kicker 10″ Competition R Subwoofers for serious bass! The two 10″ subs are being pushed by a Kicker 2400W CX1200.1 Amp 7Doors decided to showcase the Sub Amp and discreetly place the component Amp next to it, we love the attention to detail on installation and wiring.

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7 Doors topped the whole system off with SMD wireless remote controlled color changing LED lighting for the  interior sound system and matching the exterior car and grille with matching LED’s that you can set the lights to dance with the music rotate or morph colors.

If you would like more information on Kicker Audio click here or  7Doors Motorsports click here  or you can contact peter@7doorsmedia.com, You can also follow us on Instagram @KickerAudio,  @7Doors_Media,  and @FamilyCustoms.

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